Paddling is paddling: Learn from outrigger

Waterman Pat Dolan knows how to move through water efficiently and quickly.
Here he writes on 6-man outrigger racing:
For more on Pat Dolan, go to and

Cathy – Mon, 2010 – 05 – 17 10:18

USA Canoe Kayak Hires Joe Jacobi As CEO

USA Canoe Kayak has announced the hiring of Joe Jacobi as CEO!
Joe is a life-long paddling enthusiast and Olympic Gold Medalist (Barcelona 1992, C2 Slalom).

For more, go to

Cathy – Mon, 2010 – 05 – 17 09:47

2010 USA Slalom Team Trials results

Scott Parsons, Casey Eichfeld, Hailey Thompson, Caroline Queen and Ben Kvanli/Mark Poindexter emerge victorious at the 2010 USA Slalom Team Trials! For more information, go to and For results, see

Cathy – Mon, 2010 – 05 – 10 13:56

Open Innovation in Sport Communities: Survey by MIT and Copenhagen Business School

A research program initiated by the MIT Sloan School of management and Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) seeks to study open innovation in sport communities. They want to better understand how individual kayakers contribute to the development of the sport and to the development of the whole industry by their innovative ideas and contributions. Please help by completing their ten minute survey at

It would also be helpful if you know kayak innovators who are not online by providing them a paper copy of the survey. The researchers are particularly interested in covering the entire history of the sport since the 1940’s. Both Word and PDF files are available at The responses can be returned via email or regular mail.

Cathy – Tue, 2010 – 03 – 23 10:46

South Africa Seeks Slalom Coach and Development Manager

South Africa is looking for a Slalom Coach and Development Manager. The objective is to find someone who will be able to coach mostly kids and give some input into the national team from time to time. If interested, contact Iain Rennie at or Graham Bird, General Manager of Canoeing/Kayaking in South Africa,

Cathy – Tue, 2010 – 03 – 09 09:13

Canoe and Kayak in Colorado: 18+ Events in 2010!

...and more to come!
Check out for the schedule of events and contact info.

Cathy – Mon, 2010 – 03 – 01 10:44

US National Whitewater Center Water Schedule Spring 2010

The U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC has published the water release schedule for Spring 2010.
Find it at
For more information about canoe, kayak and rafting as well as other activities at the USNWC, go to or phone 704 391 3900.

Cathy – Mon, 2010 – 03 – 01 09:00

2010 US Indoor Kayak Championships: Oklahoma City

Kayak Pro USA and Chesapeake Boathouse presented the 2010 US Indoor Kayak Championships this past weekend in Oklahoma City.
Held in conjunction with a community-wide health fair, rowing ergometer competition and the Nadia Comaneci International Invitational gymnastics competition, the US Indoor Kayak Championships provided exciting races for novice to expert paddlers and spectators alike.
Kayak Pro awarded kayak ergs to the overall male and female winners.

Cathy – Tue, 2010 – 02 – 23 10:53

2010 Oceania Open Canoe Slalom on Sportscene

Australia's 2010 Oceania Open Canoe Slalom is featured on Sportscene at
Molmenti (ITA K1), Skantar2 (SVK C2) and Fox (AUS CW) start the 2010 season off with wins.
More information at

Cathy – Mon, 2010 – 02 – 22 14:51

January 2010 Durango CO Slalom Training

On and off-water training camp free of charge for Senior/Junior National Canoe/Kayak Slalom Team + Canoe/Kayak Slalom Medalists from Senior/Junior Nationals and Junior Olympics. Coaches are welcome. Others can apply (registration fee applies) if interested. Training will be governed by USACK, USOC and Positive Coaching Alliance guidelines.

Cathy – Mon, 2010 – 01 – 11 10:19